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Free Membre

Commentaire 5

  • João Mendes 30/11/2009 20:09

    superbe j'adore ces contres jours qui donne une perspective tres original merci ! amicalement!
  • John Sampson 09/11/2009 12:50

    I like the way the cyclist has not tied the bicycle to the pole. Maybe a ew highlights could be added?
  • Erwin Will 09/11/2009 12:49

    Very nice Pictur, only good in Black and White. This is the street to Hamburger Hallig, near by continent. In your backgrount ther is the cyclepool. BR Erwin.
    (Sorry, my english ist not the best)
  • jazz-on 09/11/2009 12:35

    hehe sorry but i dont speak any german words!!
  • Erwin Will 09/11/2009 12:25

    Tolle Aufnahme. Wirkt in SW echt Klasse. Der Weg zur Hamburger Hallig, kurz hinterm Festland. LG Erwin