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Quoi de nouveau ?

Agustín Cabrera

Free Membre, Madrid

La fontana di Trevi

La fuente más impresionante que nunca he visto, está en Roma, puedes comprobar como la temperatura baja cerca de ella. The most impressive fountain i have ever seen, it is in Rome, you can check how the temperature decreases near it.

Commentaire 5

  • WORLD OF SIAM² 04/10/2006 23:44

    the website or the fc-site?
    pictures speak more than thousand words))
    just leave a comment if you like one
    see you somewhere
    peace manuel
  • Agustín Cabrera 04/10/2006 20:42

    thank you Manuel, I guess you have Spanish relatives..., I visited your website I didn't understand a single word.
  • WORLD OF SIAM² 04/10/2006 20:30

    very crowded over there!
    nice shot
  • Agustín Cabrera 04/10/2006 18:40

    thank you Wolfgang i visited your gallery i Iiked it, you are a true professional... ;-)
  • VikingerWølf 04/10/2006 16:33

    Awesome picture,nice mood.
    Good work!