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Negative crystals

Here are negative crystals in a scepter quartz crystal.
In fact it's gases, or liquids inclusions that takes the crystal habit from the host during the crystallization time. A kind of mineral cicatrization.
In the background is an unfocused hematite needle.

Magnification is about 300X, seven light sources and more than 80 hours of my greenhorner time have been used on these three little inclusions. To get sparkles on every crystal faces was a real challenge.

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  • Edouard Monges 08/05/2008 10:32

    About the graining, picture was done with a 1.3M pixel camera ( C1Z ) just manually with any support, except wires, diffusers and mirrors for lightning . The beginning of the adventure... and a great experience ;-)

    When I think that cellphone's cameras can do better now.... i wait for my next camera :-)
  • Edouard Monges 30/04/2008 20:16

    Thanks David.
    Yep, my work in photomicrography is to ally science and the beauty of the inside world of gemstones. It's really an other world, fantastic to discover and to understand. It's help greatly in crystallization comprehension and for treatments identification.