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Free Membre, Montrouge

Commentaire 4

  • Jean Exiga 03/08/2008 6:11

    Belle image : tonalités +++ Bravo !
  • stemary 21/07/2008 9:07

    J'aime beaucoup cette lumière ocre...
    Belle photo...
  • Littleben 21/07/2008 2:11

    I heard about the effeil tower. I know this is not allowed in the garden but I haven't found the law regarding this.
    I have asked the city of Paris about this. Waiting for the answer.

    Anyway this picture is easy to take without a tripod as their is some stairs from that point of view ;)
  • Christian Schauer 21/07/2008 1:52

    Nice Pic , is it now allowd to take pictueres whis a tripot in paris ?