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Kombizz Kashani

Free Membre, Berkeley

Commentaire 19

  • Kombizz Kashani 30/07/2009 20:10

    How about this HORRIBLE Spanish act:

  • UserDeleted 08/02/2009 21:20

    "Some children and sensible people are in FC and this immage it is too strong for them....."

    That's the reality of our world... if nobody shows it the majority of human beings will live like they do it right now: in the minority of cases in totally ignorance.

    In my opinion: good photo, really bad theme but very realistic, too.
  • Luca Frediani 31/08/2008 18:20

    I like this foto.. cruel but simply real, we have to remember each time we eat animals.. and to continue eating after thinking!!
  • Taetyana 28/01/2008 21:05

    it smells!
  • sebastian romero 04/09/2007 15:38

    Rough, cruel. This is an aspect pf photography I don't dare to explore but that I look for curiosity and anxious to learn.
    I think the risk is to loose some sensitivity on the subject, but you have to take it in order to get the goal.
  • Martin Allaire 07/07/2007 23:11

    I don't get the nasty comments. Photography is not always about beauty and kids smiles. It shows harsh reality.
  • Kombizz Kashani 21/04/2007 21:45

    How about the following image:


    Do you think it is cruel ?
  • Maricla Martiradonna 10/04/2007 15:23

    L'autore ha esposto la sua intenzione: questa foto è una denuncia. In questo senso ha piena giustificazione di pubblicazione. Non è una visione gratuita o immotivata.
    Abbiamo su fc anche molte immagini di mattanze o di pesci morti in vendita, che non suscitano reazioni di sorta. Eppure gli animali sono tutti uguali, proprio come gli uomini. Qui, almeno, c'è un motivo.
    Auspichiamo però che, anche in futuro, le immagini "forti" vengano accompagnate da un messaggio descrittivo che ne chiarisca il senso e liberino il campo da fraintendimenti.
    The author has exposed his intention: this photo is a denunciation. Therefore its publication is fully justified. It's not an easy or meaningless vision. We have on fc many images of huntings or dead fish for sale, and they don't motivate any reaction, at all. Nevertheless the animals are all equal, just like people. Here, at least, there's a reason.
    We'd hope that, also in future, the "strong” images will come with a description that makes meaning clear and don't expose the image itself to any misunderstanding.
  • Inez Correia Marques 10/04/2007 15:13

    what a bloody photo.
    extreme ! i love it. i'm glad you show this!!!!
    it makes me respect my food even more.
  • Kombizz Kashani 10/04/2007 12:25

    Welcome to the REALITY of our world.
    Perhaps not many people who go to the Mac Donald, King Burger, etc think what would happen to the poor animal while they are eating their burgers.
    Their burgers come from killing animals, some how very savagely like using two electrodes touch the temple of poor animals.
    Of course, it is cruel act,
    but at the end all of those burger's customers coming out with full belly and perhaps make belch toward the end.
  • Maria Luisa Runti 10/04/2007 12:14

    I am in agreement with Ceruti, anyway it's a terrific image, bloody, sad and not justified in FC.
  • Carlo Ferraroni 09/04/2007 23:22

    I am not vegetarian, have seen to kill animals with strange rituals also and for we absurd… I have not never had the courage for common sense to perhaps photograph these strong situations,
    most displeasure to me that you have mail this photo...

    trad:io non sono vegetariano,ho visto ammazzare animali con riti anche strani e per noi assurdi...non ho mai avuto il coraggio forse per buonsenso di fotografare queste situazioni forti
    mi dispiace che tu abbia postato questa foto...
  • Dorothy Marino 09/04/2007 20:10

  • Enrico Doria 09/04/2007 19:58

    what does it mean this picture!??! :-(((
  • Nicola Morandini 09/04/2007 19:55

    ????? :-((
  • Massimo Camocardi 09/04/2007 17:15

  • Armin Ates 16/03/2007 14:40

    i konow well, why i became vegetarian ;)))
    so i can look at such pictures without having a strange feeling in my stomach. but i respect all carnivores as i want to be respected by them :)
    photo could be a bit sharper in focus an bigger in size, perhaps our automatically compression took some of the quality, i dont know.
    sincerely, armin
  • Christiane Wüllner 15/01/2007 17:32

    Row and disgusting - exciting and fascinating at same time!!! Remarkebling feelings about seeing that motiv!Regards Christiane