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  • Demetrius Chryssikos 06/01/2008 21:52

    The Doge of Venice, Dandalo, gave Tinos and Mykonos to the Ghisi family. In 1390 both islands were returned to Venice and became the only two Cyclades islands to be ruled directly from there. Although the Turks conquered the other Cyclades islands in the 16th century, Tinos held out. Each time the Turks overran the island, the islanders withdrew to the fortress of St. Helena in Exobourgo until the Ottoman forces gave up and returned to Turkey. The continued attacks led many of the islanders to give up and leave the island altogether. Finally, the last Venetian governor, Proveditore Balbi deserted Tinos in 1715 and the Turks took the island without a struggle.
  • Massimo Anselmi 04/01/2008 23:53

    Bella immagine sopratutto nei contrasti fra il bianco delle case ed il paesaggio che le circondano.