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Kombizz Kashani

Free Membre, Berkeley

A propos de moi

I was born and brought up in Iran, a beautiful country full of history. I started taking photos at an early age of my life with a Lubitel, a Russian twin lenses camera. Most of my photos in those days were black and white. It was a very nice camera that my parents gave me when I was 15 years old.
I always loved to see images. I remember that I would spend time in the library for hours and hours looking at the different photos in Life Magazine, National Geographic and other photographic journals and books. Also I always loved nature, and the different patterns made in it. I remember because of my Entomology studies, I would spend hours in the laboratory looking into microscopes at those beautiful and perfect structures that God created in those different tiny flowers, plants, tiny nematods, animals and insects. Then after I finished university in Iran, I left to do on my M.Sc. in California, the Golden State. There I was witness to even more of the beauties that nature held in each different moments of time. I remember I was always walking and trying to absorb all the scenes in my mind and memory as well as recording them on film. I forgot to say that I received another precious gift from my parents. That was a Canon camera with a fixed lense (G-III QL17). Then after I finished my studies, I returned to Iran for work. I consider myself an artist photographer.
At present I have a lovely Minolta Dynax 7, Mamiya 7II with few lenses. I still love and adore nature and all aspects of it. As a result I love macro photography, landscape, architecture (old and new), and many other categories like artistic abstracts, travel, people, fashion, and photo journalism.
In February 2008, I was delighted to be one of the Amateur UK Photographers short-listed in the Sony World Photography Competition 2008.,9,konkurs-sony-abstrakcja-i-architektura.html
In March 2009, I was conferred the title of Nominee in Abstract by the Photography Masters Cup International Color Awards in America. In February 2010, I received news that my image is published in the premier issue of The Photo Paper magazine launched by World Photographic Arts.
I have a vast numbers of printed photos, slides and thousands of negatives which all are archived in many folders.
I love to share my observations through my photos with those people who love and appreciate.

Commentaire 1145

  • Lorenzo Dago 10/06/2010 17:12

    thanks a lot!
    Inizino le danze!
    Inizino le danze!
    Lorenzo Dago
  • FRANCESCA E. 26/05/2010 12:15

    Thank You very much for the positive comment on my photo! I like Your portfolio, too. Have a nice day! Francesca
  • Marco Mantovani 22/05/2010 9:18

    Ho paura che nel 2025 sia sfioria la sua bellezza e la sua fragranza,Grazie di cuore
    Profumo di donna
    Profumo di donna
    Marco Mantovani
  • Massimiliano Salvioni 21/05/2010 15:44

    thanks and congratulations for your portfolio
  • Heinz Homatsch 20/05/2010 11:30

    Hi Kambiz,

    thanks for your comments. Yes I have put the same photo on the site, where I have seen also your beautiful portfolio.
    il vecchio
    il vecchio
    Heinz Homatsch
  • Gianni Boradori 20/05/2010 7:05

    Gianni Boradori
  • Antonio Sala 19/05/2010 22:18

    Grazie per il tuo gentile e gradito commento.
    Antonio Sala
  • Riccardo Sanchini 19/05/2010 22:17

    Thanks for yor vist at She isn't my friend wife!!Riccardo
  • Fabrizio Caratelli 19/05/2010 22:06

    Grazie mille, anche da parte di Evita

  • Dario Piva 19/05/2010 20:23

    Thank you very much for your nice comment.Bye
    Dario Piva
  • Sergio Caregnato 19/05/2010 19:51

    Mille grazie. Ciao SERGIO
    Sergio Caregnato
  • Sergio Caregnato 19/05/2010 19:48

    much thank you !! Ciao SERGIO
    Sergio Caregnato
  • Max Giorgetta 19/05/2010 19:34

    Yes You can:
    Thank you, hello
  • Andrè Moreau 19/05/2010 19:32

    Grazie tante
  • Cherie Bradshaw 19/05/2010 18:42

    i don't know... ;-) grazie danke thk.
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