12 Ways Soundcloud to mp3

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Soundcloud is currently the most used music sharing website today. Here users can upload music, watch online or download music to their computer for offline viewing. However, downloading music from Soundcloud is not an easy job because it does not have built-in tools that allow users to download directly.
But you don't need to worry because in the following article, we will show you how to download Soundcloud music simply and save as much time and effort as possible. However, we need to warn you that music downloaded from Soundcloud may be copyrighted, so after downloading music on Soundcloud, you should only watch it alone or share with friends via applications. chat application, absolutely do not repost or share on similar websites, otherwise you are very likely to be sued for copyright infringement. Don't forget that when you register to install FPT network to download Soundcloud faster!
Ways to download music on Soundcloud
1. Use “Soundcloud to mp3”
This method is very simple because you only need to replace the word “www.” with “ss” on the URL of the music you want to download.
The browser will automatically switch to "Soundcloud to mp3" so you can download music, then you choose the format for the music you want to download.
Or you can also do the same by following the steps below.
• Step 1: Access the website “Soundcloud to mp3”. Website address: https://soundcloudtomp3downloader.net/
• Step 2: You enter the URL of the music you want to download into the empty box -> click the blue button next to the system to identify the file and display the link to download.
• Step 3: Then click to select the download music quality and you're done
Note: When accessing this address, please pay attention not to click on the wrong ads on the page.
2. Use “Soundcloud to mp3 downloader”
This is a website that allows users to download music in M4A format and music in MP3 format, WEBM from Soundcloud to the device. With a simple interface, fast download speed and users can actively choose the download quality, after only a short period of time, you will own quality music right on your computer.
How to download Soundcloud music with “Soundcloud to mp3 downloader” is quite simple.
• Step 1: First you access the website Soundcloud to mp3 downloader then just get the Soundcloud music link you need to download -> Paste this link into the box Insert Soundcloud URL here
• Step 2: Select the format and quality for the music you want to download -> Download.
3. Use the Chrome browser
Chrome browser is very useful for users who want to download Soundcloud to their computer. Although born slower than other browsers, Chrome has quickly won the trust of users because of its extremely diverse and useful feature system.
To download Soundcloud music, you download and install Chrome on your computer, then open Soundcloud music, select the desired music file format and then press the Download button at the main interface to start the process of downloading music to your device. .
4. Download Soundcloud with Soundcloud download
This website allows to increase the file upload speed many times compared to other common download methods. To download Soundcloud music clips, you need to pre-install the IDM website on your device. After installing IDM successfully, there is a small pop-up window displayed on the website with the music playing and the words "Download This Music" written.
This program has the feature of automatically tracking the direct links of the music playing and saving them. When the user chooses to click on the pop-up window, it will start to accelerate the download. So all you need to do is just click on the IDM icon and the music you like will be downloaded to your device.
5. Use Easy Soundcloud Music Downloader Express (add-on on Firefox)
Add-on “Easy Soundcloud Music Downloader Express” allows users to download all genres of music on Soundcloud and best of all, it is very easy to use. Specifically, this add-on will add a small link in Soundcloud for the purpose of downloading music in 3GP, MP3 HD, high quality MP3 and FLV formats. However, this add-on has a limitation that it does not display the music download process, so it is difficult to track. If you are using FireFox browser, you can download this Add-on here
6. Use Soundcloud mp3 downloader website
Soundcloud mp3 downloader application has two main features: download music files from Soundcloud and convert them into other formats. To do this, copy the URL of the music on Soundcloud that you want to download, then Paste in the Enter the URL box and press the Download button. Link to download Soundcloud mp3 downloader website.
7. Use Soundcloud converter
Installing an add-on or application on your device can be difficult for some people. Therefore, the ways to download Soundcloud are still more popular. With Soundcloud converter, this music download process will become simpler than ever.
When watching an interesting music that you want to download immediately to your device so that you can watch it again whenever you want without having to depend on an internet connection, please go to the address bar, fill in the word "savemedia". ” in front of the Soundcloud domain name and then press ENTER.
8. Use the online service Download Soundcloud Converter
This is a very familiar website for Americans because it supports English. Moreover, the way to download music on Soundcloud to your computer is similar to other online services, that is, you just need to enter the path of the music in the Media URL box, then press the Continue button. Note that in the format conversion section, you should choose the MP3 extension for the best quality downloaded music.
When you click the Continue button, the system will display a list of suitable file types for you to choose from. After the selection process is completed, press the Start button to download Soundcloud music to your device.
9. Use Soundcloud mp3
This tool helps users download music on Soundcloud. To download music, follow these steps:
• Step 1: Click the Soundcloud mp3 link to access the Soundcloud mp3 page. When the main interface of the page is displayed, you will see a box to paste the URL of the music file you want to download. Soundcloud mp3 has the ability to automatically identify whether you want to download music or download audio to your device.
• Step 2: When switching to the new interface, you will see the file download link appear below the cover image along with information of sound and music. In this step you will be provided with options for quality, size and file format, you just need to select the type you want to download and then press the Download button.
10. Use Soundcloud playlist downloader
With Soundcloud playlist downloader, users can not only download music on Soundcloud but also convert from music to audio files if desired.
• Step 1: Access the main page of Soundcloud playlist downloader on the browser.
• Step 2: Paste the music link you want to download and then select the purpose of use. Specifically, if you want to download music, click on Download music. When switching to the new interface, you will see a button Download music (mp3 format), please click to download music to your computer.
• Step 3: If you want to convert music to mp3 files, then click Convert to MP3 and then select the output format for the audio file in the Format section. Next in the Quality box, click to select the quality for the file, the highest is 320 kbps. Finally, click Convert to MP3 to proceed with the conversion.
• Step 4: If you want to convert another format, select Convert and cut music -> tick Cut media file -> select the time period that the music needs to be converted. Other formats for music you can choose from include flv, avi or even mp3. When you're done, click Convert to Mp3 to be okay.
11. Use Soundcloud song downloader
With Soundcloud song downloader, users can also download music from many popular sites like Soundcloud
Step 1: Go to the address and paste the URL of the Soundcloud music you want to download and then press the Soundcloud song downloader button right next to it.
Step 2: Soundcloud music download tool: Soundcloud song downloader will display a list of different qualities and formats for you to choose from.
12. Using Soundcloud MP3
This is a page where you can instantly view music and focus only on music download requests on Soundcloud. To download music from Soundcloud, do the following:
• Step 1: Access the Soundcloud Mp3 link of the Soundcloud MP3 page -> paste the URL of the music you want to download into the horizontal frame -> press the Convert button on the side
• Step 2: Click the Download button to proceed to download music to your computer, and you can also view this music on Soundcloud MP3 page.
Besides, this tool also provides different music quality and capacity options for users to choose from.
Above we have provided you with different ways to download music on Soundcloud to your device. These ways are all very simple and easy to do, you can depending on your actual use situation, choose the most appropriate method to download the music you like on Soundcloud so you can watch it. again at any time.
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