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When I was about eight years old I got a cheep 6X6 camera from my parents. I think the camera still is around somewhere. At the age of 16 my father let me overtake his Leica IIIc from him. Now I had something that my friends didn't have - A real camera. I still have the Leica. Since then I've owned a lot of Leicas from the M3, M2 to the M4 with lenses from 21 mm to 90 mm. The Leica was a camera I really loved. But I also had other cameras like Nikon F, Nikkormat and so on. Today I only use Nikon D cameras. Finally I got convinced that the digital cameras was right for me.

Today I mostly take pictures of dogs. Me and my wife have a common interest in Belgium Schipperkes. I take pictures from dog shows and not just the dogs. The people around the dog shows interests me as well.

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  • Nadine Oberwörder 07/03/2013 21:35

    Dear Ulf, thanks for your comment! Glad you like it :-)
    Nadine Oberwörder
  • Andy-Wood 10/02/2013 21:50

    Emerald Forest
    Emerald Forest

    Thank you Ulf ... I wish I could say I planned that shot, but it was a lucky accident. Sometimes I take photos of places I see that I want to come back to for a shoot ... in this case I don't think I need to go back ;-)
    best regards,
  • Nadine Oberwörder 11/01/2013 18:15

    Dear Ulf, thanks a lot for your nice words! I am surprised that my photo got so many comments.
    Nadine Oberwörder
  • Nadine Oberwörder 24/11/2012 12:41

    Hello Ulf, thank you very much for your funny comment!
    Best wishes
  • Nadine Oberwörder 05/11/2012 13:43

    Hello Ulf, you have uploaded some very nice new pictures! I am always looking forward to being informed about you having uploaded new dog pictures. I grew up having dogs around so I enjoy looking at your pictures very much.
    Have a nice day
  • Ulf Stormwall 17/10/2012 14:54

    I think it's very hard to make a good picture of a cat. They dont seem to be on the same spot all the time. Personally I dont have any experience of photographing cats. Dog are more easier. If the cat sleeps then you can sneek up on her. :) Have a nice day.
  • Nadine Oberwörder 17/10/2012 12:45

    Wow, you have many dogs. I am sure it requires a lot of time to care for them all. I really like your pictures, I have a cat and I have tried several times to get a good photo of her but whenever she sees me stalking up on her with my camera, she clears off :-)
  • Ulf Stormwall 16/10/2012 15:00

    Hello Nadine

    It's tree dogs and they are Faksimil Lady X, Maidens Ace and Ickx van de Mosedongen and they all live here in our house. Thank you for your Q.
  • Nadine Oberwörder 16/10/2012 11:55

    Hello Ulf! Is this your dog in all your pictures?
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