Csillag Szabo

Free Account, Aix-en-Provence /Lourmarin

A propos de moi

I consider myself as a full artist as I am an actress but beyond that, I also love to paint (oil), take pictures, make movies myself, do some pottery, write a lot... anyways, everything that touches art is my domain. I love beautiful women, (all women can be beautiful) and I think they make great pictures. Although I love to take abstract pictures of things, nature, landscapes... I love when the picture is very colorful, that is why Provence is a great place for me to be, but I also love black and white pictures, specially with portraits. I travelled a lot for many years, but the pictures I made in Asia, Australia, Mexico, the USA and Europe are all paper prints so unfortunatelly I cannot share those with you....
Please feel free to check out my website with pictures and videos....

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