Dorothea Maria Schwab

Premium (Pro), Cologne

A propos de moi

I work as freelance producer, director, writer, science journalist, scientific consultant camerawoman, edit assistant etc. for TV ( documentary, reportage, magazin, educational film, image film); Scientists and industry as well as for Terra Motion.
I did some photography jobs for sailing sport in the past and work as well as social media creator for some scientists, such as for DVG (instagram: As scientist (Diplom Biologist/ tropical ecology, ornithology, conservation etc.) I worked in Madagascar, Spain and Germany. I am voluntary engaged in landscape-protection & species conservation in Cologne through directing a longterm amphibian monitoring project as well as being active as wildlife adviser and educator and as advisory council within the conservation advisory board (UNB-Naturschutzbeirat) of the City Cologne.
I was a lot on tour but will now start filling in photography out of my huge archive step by step.

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