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I Miss Grandma's Tales...

I Miss Grandma's Tales...

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Canan Oner

World Membre, Istanbul

I Miss Grandma's Tales...


Somedays the soft winds whiffle,
Touching my hair..
And the smell of a pink rose
Enfolds my soul in silk veil…

Sometimes I smile, sometimes feel the tears in my eyes..
What quivers me is my childhood, my youth;
The trust days I left behind,
The days which I betrayed without knowing their values…

As the wind blows, the words “I wish I could” decrease
Even my mind says”Its in the past”
My heart outstands stubbornly, my body strains..
A new adventure starts where the feelings rise…

That pink rose is Grandma’s fragrance …
It’s her tender touch stroking my hair
Its her voice, calling me “My only”
From the garden of my childhood all dressed in beautiful flowers..

She used to tell me, after all the tales;
“Love yourself as much as you love life and others”
In our pink painted room..
And I remember the nights turning into magic; sleeping safe and peaceful in her arms…

Today, it’s again the day, where the winds blow softly..
Magical essence of reuniting is in the air..
The diamonds coming through my eyes is the rain of yearning..
“I wish” it was not only 26 years being with her but much much more…

Canan Oner
March / 23 / 2010

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