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  • universmac 20/04/2007 8:16

    Bonjour Claudia ! :-)

    Thanks for the comments, many points are true indeed.

    Et oui je pense que c'était un boeuf :-)
  • † Ute Allendoerfer 19/04/2007 21:51

    gut, vielleicht noch oben links die helle Ecke weg?
    Meine Augen wandern immer wieder in die linke Ecke.
    :) LG Ute
  • Daniel Metz 19/04/2007 20:55

    J'aime bien ce cadre serré qui ramène à l'essentiel.
    Un petit défaut avec la dominante bleuté.
    Mais c'est plutot un bœuf qu'une vache, non.
  • Andy Pomplun 19/04/2007 19:54

    well, I think just as Thomas here, it is cropped way too much. For me, the significant mark for a bull is the ring through its nose, its horns and stuff. Bad that those are missing on the photo. One more very technical and sometimes not often thing to influence is that the ear throws its shade directly on the bull's eye, I would have waited a moment to move it's head ;)
    kind regards,
  • CKH 19/04/2007 19:12

    Superbe photo.

    It was nice to meet you in Paris, thanx for all.

    Best regards,