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Michel Lamarche

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My best side...

Hello everybody!

Sorry for that long period of silence, I have been very busy at work and I have just moved to a new address... Hard to believe but I could not use my camera for the last few months or even connect to FC. I missed you a lot. Hope you are all well. It will take some time before I can catch up because I still don't have too much time. Sorry about that.

Here is a little project I have made with a musicien friend: Robert Len. It was done for Hubert Reeves, famous astrophysicien and environmentalist, very active and recognised in the "french world". Thanks again to Maria Porter who helped us with 2 great children portraits toward the end of the videoclip. I hope you'll like it.

... and sorry, it's only in french for now...


Have a great week!

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