Thanks to everyone around the world!

Thanks to everyone around the world!

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Thanks to everyone around the world!

2011 of the impact of the earthquake, Shiogama.
Passed about 4 years, the second time I visited here. Wonderful seafood gather in Shiogama. And the best sushi skilled craftsmen compete for techniques. The course's, but really delicious!

In fact, you will have some people to fear the effects of radioactivity. But, not only the Japanese government, the people who are living lives there, you can rest assured because they check.

This photo taken Shiogama Shrine. Shiogama Shrine was built in about 800 years ago. Here now, two 13-year-old girls has been patiently waiting for a friend of under 202 stage.

Warm heart has been reached out to Japan from all over the world.
It surely, Japanese is everyone's feelings.

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