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  • Moschela 26/04/2011 11:40

    Hallo rene grall,
    I'm a student and writing a dissertation about Traumatherapie. I would like to use your exceptionelle photo "Trauma".Is it possible? What is the prise? only the students and my professor will read it, no publik else.
    I'm German but i write in Englisch, because i don't know, what is your nationality.I need a quick descision, because I have to give up my work on 4.5.11.
    Monika.Sorg@gmx.de -please answer here
  • MAURICE CLEGG 13/02/2007 22:08

    a great work of art, well done.
    regards, maurice.
  • Claire Laira 13/02/2007 20:31

    A very imaginative work!
    Greetings, Claire
  • Sarah D. Kiefer 13/02/2007 16:14

    wow! i feel this one...what beautiful trauma it is! wonderful colors support an attention-grabbing expression. nice work!
    and welcome to FC!!
    sarah k