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Tyne Bridge

Innocent eyes
Persistent bridges.
How many confusion has been witnessed and exposed
By the pale yellow behind the hustle and bustle.
Through gaps between pillars
Ruthless days are running unconsciously.
Innocent eyes,
Unstable life.

Commentaire 3

  • markkeville 07/03/2018 15:34

    I would say there is not a lot of hustle and bustle in the image.
    Perhaps the poem should be about structures , pattern, construction, layers of time.
    Having said that - i see what you are getting at. This is an image of order and balance.
    I suppose the bridges indicate a sense of social order and purpose. I hadn't thought of that before. The shape of the bridges is more usually regarded as a homage or adornment to the river , celbrating and emphasising the river's importance.
    To me - the bridges are like a ribbon tied in a bow.
    How "high falutin" can you get ? - to use a cowboy phrase.
    • Hailun Xie 07/03/2018 16:45

      "What's important is always invisible." The stars in Van Gogh's paintings are no way to be like real stars, neither are trees and other objects, however you can feel that unignorable vitality and passion in his paintings. I can totally understand your point regarding British prefer to see things as they are, hardly being able to understand the word "highfalutin" and beauty out of it. Making use of objects to express ideas and imagery itself is pretty much mandatory requirement in Chinese classic literature, which rendered classic poems rather polished with strict rules even including amount of words in every line and similarity of pronunciation. As for these several lines, for me, the yellow area is light from sunset, which is a symbol of time elapsing. "Behind hustle and bustle" is an imagery because we can never count how many cars and trains pass on Tyne bridge and High Bridge everyone, and how many bots have passed under the bridge on the river, but now they're all gone. Time is elapsing constantly, everything is also changing constantly. Nothing is stable, neither is my life and mindset. This is my idea in my poor lines. Anyway, it's such a shame western people can never understand Chinese classic literature, because they can never be translated, even with half of its charm.
  • markkeville 07/03/2018 15:27

    send the original to me by email as a jpeg - and I'll show you how you might crop it.

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