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Bernhard Röttgers

Free Membre, Freising

A propos de moi

I am Bernhard and I am living in Freising near Munich.

My father passed his long-lasting (though temporarily interrupted) interest in photography on me. I cannot say that I have a particular subject of choice, but I tend to do travel, landscape, and nature photography. I don't want to overdo post processing and just try to capture whatever I figure gives a good (or better great) photo. I think restricting yourself to some style just narrows down photography. A photographer's style will emerge by its own over time.

Here in the fotocommunity I like the concept of being forced to select the best ones and hope to get honest and constructive critique and I will try to do the same so that we can grow as photographers – not so much as technicians; photography is art in the end! (Not that I am not interested in the technical part. I am also a physicist and have some interest there as well.)

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A camera I like with lenses I can afford ;)