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Quoi de nouveau ?

Fedor Vlasov

Free Membre, Sankt-Petersburg

Commentaire 48

  • Silvana W. 31/01/2015 22:46

    Silvana W.

    Many thanks for your comment ¡¡.Excuse my delay to answer.I,ll come once every month ,approximately
    Best wishes :-)
  • Silvana W. 05/01/2015 23:20

    Silvana W.

  • Carlo.Pollaci 07/05/2014 21:02

    Thank you very much dear Fedor.
    Supporter of the football team "U.S. Città di Palermo"
    Supporter of the football team "U.S. Città di Palermo"
  • Antonello Medici 20/03/2014 19:32

    GRAZIE !!! :)

  • Klaus W. Kuck 28/02/2014 7:53

    hi Fedor,
    nice self portrait!
  • Renzo Baggiani 04/02/2014 15:53

    Grazie fedor, per questa "preferita"!
    Italia-Cina "ai rigori"
    Italia-Cina "ai rigori"
    Renzo Baggiani
  • Lysa Zago 29/01/2014 23:01

    Thanks! :)
    B... black and white
    B... black and white
    Lysa Zago
  • Lucy i.t.S. 16/01/2014 19:43

    Lieben Dank! Freut mich sehr!


  • Alfredo Ruiz Baltanás 16/01/2014 14:12

    Thanks Fedor…
    Alfredo Ruiz Baltanás

    Best regards
    Alfredo RB
  • alexander stefanatos 11/01/2014 22:33

    Thanks very much Fedor for your letter and interest on my photographs. Any proposal to participate in your exhibition will be an honour to me.With my greatest of pleasures. I'm very glad that your club is also related with cinema because I'm also a great fun of it and theater as well.
    many regards alexander
  • nicola figliuolo 11/01/2014 22:31

    Hello Fedor!
    thank you very much…
    Best regards
  • ELENA.TA 11/01/2014 19:58

    Hello Fedor! How interesting and very unusual you show St-Petersburg...Thanks for friendship... I am very glad..
    Best regards
  • alexander stefanatos 08/01/2014 12:18

    Hi, Fedor
    Last week-end, in a meeting with a group of friends, also fans in photography, I presented a good sample of pictures from your gallery and we had a very interesting discussion on them... I wish you were there to take part in it!...
    best wishes for a very happy new year
  • Silvana W. 28/12/2013 0:10

    Silvana W.

    Many thanks for your wishes,Fedor*.I wish you all the best too*
  • Carlo.Pollaci 23/12/2013 21:21

    Merry Christmas
    Happy new year!
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