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Beatriz B.B.

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A propos de moi

Hello to all visiting my little space here :)

I`m Beatriz.....translator, teacher, tour guide by profession.........dancer, traveller, painter by by chance ;)

....Came across this site and found it really interesting so decided to sign up...Found my old camera not so long ago and started taking pictures`s what came out of it.... :)

Thank you for all your comments, enjoy your day, evening or the afternoon..... :)))

~~.....mi techo son las estrellas
que estan en el firmamento......
mi manta el agua del mar......
y mi respiracion el viento.........~~

.....well, as many of you ask where I live I guess I must answer that question......
May seem strange but it`s quite difficult to answer as due to my work my place of stay is constantly changing..... Some time ago I`d have to say..."well, I live somewhere between Cyprus, Egypt and the Greek Islands of Rhodes and Symi" as I was working as a tour guide and translator on a huge cruiseliner circling around those places.......
As for now, i`m just packing myself to change Spain for magnificient Prague as I go there to study....So, by birth I`m Polish-French...but I come from many places....and I love it :))))
Enjoy and Experience
greetings to all visitors here,
Beatriz :)

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Hello all :)
..once again Iºve changed my place of stay and it``s now the Basque Country ( Northern Spain )...itºs BEAUTIFUL here......the mountains, the sea...San Sebastain and Bilbao......
All the best..and I hope soon Iºll be able to share with you some photos from here :)
Thanks for visiting my space here :)))))

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