Gary Thaxton

Premium (Basic), Saxapahaw, North Carolina

A propos de moi

Photography became a visionary dream consuming my life into a meditative addiction and craving in the journey for my perfect image. The images displayed here in this photographic blog represents my attempts for the perfect meditative-photographic moment.

This pursuit has produced questions in my soul. Are these images worthy? Can each single image stand alone in context to my experienced moment? Where is that exact photographic moment in my life now, and did it ever exist at all? Paradox! Questions go on and on, but the path of questions has rewards in the realization these moments have been my life. Yes, I realize they are minute moments in comparison to the whole of my existence. My pursuit of the perfect photograph has been life fulfilling and each contain the warmth of my creative being, even if I am the only one who can see them, it is as it should be. They are me in the spiritual paradox of being, and there are no answers. Only the understanding of my purpose and the self-fulfilling accomplishments of what is my life. It contains so many variances, and I've tried not to get lost, but I do tend to ramble in words and thought.

Welcome to my gallery of light created images.

Gary Thaxton

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  • Foto Tom 28/03/2021 9:22

    Herzlichen Dank für Dein Lob.Gruß Tom
  • hensken 11/03/2021 19:20

    Danke für dein lob zu meinem Foto. l.g hensken
  • hensken 30/11/2020 9:56

    Danke für deine lobe zu meinen Fotos. l.g hensken
  • Laura Daddabbo 05/11/2020 18:08

    Thank you so much Gary for adding "Sphynx" tor your fav, highly appreciated :-))
    Best regards,
  • hensken 31/10/2020 17:17

    Danke für deine lobe zu meinen Fotos. l.g hensken
  • Mano-Lee 25/10/2020 19:16

    Hello Gary, and wonderful photos of the flowers and of Haley. Beautiful
  • hensken 06/10/2020 19:26

    danke für dein lob zu meinem Foto. l.g hensken
  • hensken 06/10/2020 11:36

    danke für dein lob zu meinem foto. l.g hensken
  • hensken 27/09/2020 10:04

    Danke für dein FAV zu meinem Foto. l.g hensken
  • Foto Tom 08/04/2019 5:05

    Herzlichen Dank für dein Lob . Gruß Tom
  • hensken 05/04/2019 12:58

    Danke Gary für deine lobe und FAV. l.g hensken
  • Fernando Anzani 19/03/2019 20:16

    Thak yoy very much. Ciao. Fernando.
    Terre castigliane
    Terre castigliane
    Fernando Anzani
  • Niko am Sauerland 30/01/2019 12:07

    Hello Gary, thank you for your interest in my pictures. You do not live just around the corner ... I am glad that you noticed my pictures. I also like your pictures a lot. They have a very own character / spirit. Best regards Niko
  • Foto Tom 24/01/2019 5:04

    Thank you for your praise. Greetings Tom
  • Boxleitner Wolfgang 21/01/2019 18:21

    Thank you very much
    LG Wolfgang
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