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"Photography, as well as painting - is the soul of the world through the prism of the soul of the author"


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  • tsara_be 10/06/2022 21:33

    Dear Irbenika, thank you very much for looking at and liking some of my photos. Best regards, tsara_be
  • hensken 01/03/2022 19:24

    Danke für deine lobe zu meinen Fotos. lg. hensken
  • Robert L. Roux 11/02/2022 0:06

    ( !*.*! ... ;-)) 
    your pictures are all 
    favourites ... 
    warmest greetings from the north country 
  • Bernd H.-W. Böhme 03/02/2022 14:37

    Hallo Irbenika,

    aus Deinem Leitspruch kann man aber auch auf die Seele des Betrachters auf die Welt von Fotografie, Malerei sowie digitaler Werke schließen.
    Für Deine Auswahl zu Loben für meine Bilder, möchte ich mich herzlich bedanken.

    From your motto you can also infer the soul of the viewer in the world of
    photography, painting and digital works.
    For your choice of praise for my paintings, I would like to thank you
    very much.
  • David Arduini 03/02/2022 3:49

    HI irbenika thank you liking some of my photos. And going back to the Poppy, I also like your photos, with composition and color. Regards David
  • Carlo.Pollaci 05/12/2021 19:00

    Thanks for reminding me of my beloved Milly and Oliver.
    Best wishes
    Milly, a little story _10
    Milly, a little story _10
  • Guenter Paulik 16/11/2021 10:47

    Vielen Dank für das Lob für den Uracher Wasserfall.
    LG Guenter
  • Fernando Anzani 14/11/2021 16:53

    Thank you very much for your attention to my photos. Very kind. Ciao. Fernando.
    Come nuvole in gabbia.
    Come nuvole in gabbia.
    Fernando Anzani
    GONDOLA   2
    Fernando Anzani
    Scorci veneziani
    Scorci veneziani
    Fernando Anzani
  • Fernando Anzani 09/11/2021 15:56

    Vielen dank. Ho molto gradito la tua nuova visita. Molto onorato. Ciao. Fernando.
    ST 2
    ST 2
    Fernando Anzani
    Dall' alto.
    Dall' alto.
    Fernando Anzani
    Fernando Anzani
  • RolliAC 23/10/2021 11:25

    Vielen Dank fürs Lob. LG Rolf
  • lumara-420 19/10/2021 22:14

    Hallo Irbenika,
    vielen lieben Dank :-)
    LG Martina
  • Fred Maro 05/10/2021 11:13

    Thank you for thumbs up!
  • mariededalus 11/09/2021 11:47

    Hi, we would like to use your image Painting-of-two-African-Women-294433690 for the cover of a book set in the Central African Republic by Adrienne Yabouza which we have translated into English as Co-Wives, Co-Widows. We are are a small Independent Publisher in England and specialise in translations from neglected parts of the world. We look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Marie
  • RolliAC 01/09/2021 17:47

    Danke fürs viele Loben meiner Fotos. LG Rolf
  • Jan Knolhoff 17/08/2021 20:40

    Hoi, jouw foto's zijn bijzonder kleurrijk en sfeervol. 
    Groeten uit Drenthe, Jan