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  • nele11 06/04/2013 21:24

    thank you for the kind words for my photos.
    best regards
  • bomae99 16/08/2012 22:36

    Hooverfly, Lina wunderbar, hu chat het met jau?
    Lg, Manfred
  • davide canta 24/02/2012 22:44

    grazie grazie ancora e buon fine settimana
  • davide canta 24/02/2012 22:43

    danke danke sei sempre gentilissima
  • davide canta 11/02/2012 21:09

    ti ringrazio tantissimo del bel commento
  • davide canta 14/01/2012 21:38

    He was tired and absorbed in his thoughts and gl ' eyes were a mirror of soul
  • davide canta 14/01/2012 21:33

    Thank you for the nice comment and I wish you good weekend
  • Gisbert Bräuer 10/01/2012 16:56

    Thank you for the note on Lina were Glienicker Brücke.Ein historical attraction of German division and Wiedervereinigung.Auf this bridge every now exchanged spies between East and West.

  • davide canta 05/01/2012 23:00

    grazie del bel commento
  • davide canta 05/01/2012 23:00

    è in emilia romagna e un capoluogo di provincia è la patria del mangia bene
  • Conny Sattler 04/01/2012 12:33

    Hi Lina,

    dankeschön für Deine Anmerkung zu "Jenseits von Afrika" freute mich sehr!
    LG Conny!
  • davide canta 02/01/2012 23:02

    si io preferisco vedere le modelle belle e rilassate e mi sembrava bello fare uno scatto in un momento di relax
  • davide canta 15/12/2011 21:18

    danke danke , grazie e buone feste anche a te
  • davide canta 08/12/2011 20:00

    Thank you very much I'm trying to learn lina to make beautiful portraits I wish you good day for tomorrow
  • davide canta 04/12/2011 23:50

    danke danke
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