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Metin Karadag

Free Account, Gaziantep

A propos de moi

I met with photogarphy at dark-room experiences in 1990 the started to taking pictures.
It is not only pasion for me it is also lifestyle for me.

Canon Eos 50 E / Nikon F2 / Canon 10D

Canon 16-35 f2,8 - Canon 100-400 - Canon 28-135 - Nikon 18 mm 2,8 - Nikon 18 mm 2,8 - Nikon 28 mm 2,8 - Nikon 55 mm -

Photographic themes:
Press Photograpyh
Dynamik - Real Life

Few Photograpyh Book
Few slayt show

Commentaire 25

  • RIrk09 03/03/2010 22:38

    Yorumunuz icin tesekkurler..iyi aksamlar..!
  • RIrk09 21/01/2010 18:40

    Değerli yorumunuzla renk kattınız..teşekkür ederim.!.

  • Maria João Arcanjo 15/06/2009 16:06

    I am glad I could see you on the front page to admire your work.... now I "turned you orange"
  • Andy Benger 23/03/2007 20:04

    Bin sehr beeindruckt von deinen Fotos!!!
    Das sind Portraits von sehr interessanten Menschen!
    Bilder zum nachdenken!!!
    Thank You.
  • The Globetrotter 14/12/2006 13:06

    Was a great Photographer you are!
    I'll keep a eye on you and hope I can learn by watching your photographs!

    Greetings from Basel
  • Karizona Karizona 04/09/2006 14:03

    Bu güzel fotoğrafları burada da görmek çok güzel.
    Yüreğinize sağlık.
  • Nicole Zschucke 31/07/2006 10:58

    Sehr,sehr gute Aufnahmen und Du bist bei mir jetzt "orange"
    Greetings from Hamburg,
  • Robert Koch 10/07/2006 10:02

    Great Portraits / documentation.
    *pushing orange*
  • Barbara Helms 04/07/2006 11:43

    Hi Metin,
    I like your photographs of working places because of its beautiful colours and because they are really unique. In some pictures I would wish for a bit of more sharpness in important areas but anyway they are great.
  • Tom Gregory 28/04/2006 16:39

    Hi Metin,
    I have just come across your work. Many of your images are fabulous! Very 'moody' and very effective. You obviously have a great talent. Thanks for sharing them.
    Cheers, Tom
  • Matthias Endriß 28/03/2006 14:16

    Hi Metin,
    your pictures are fantastic. Very impressive portraits.
    I like them very much.
    Greets from Germany
  • Kürsat Temel 26/03/2006 21:19

    Merhaba Metin, fotgraflarin cok güzel!
    Almanyadan Selam !
  • Thomas Skolik 26/03/2006 20:02

    I checked out your photos, and I am impressed. Maybe you upload some more to show us more interessting photos.
    awesome and now I keep you as my buddy in case, not missing of your photos.
  • Serpil Altinay 06/03/2006 11:12

    tessekürler metin :)
  • Cinar Örge 23/02/2006 22:57

    Sehr schöne Bilder.
    Resimleriniz cok güzel.

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