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Mr. T.

Free Account, Bucharest

A propos de moi

just takin' photos...

Commentaire 32

  • Razvan I. 06/06/2011 14:07

    Hi Tudor,

    I miss you... :)
  • Sergio Pessolano 24/02/2006 18:50

    Hi Tudor,
    Thank you for your kind words about my work. I really enjoy them.
    Kind Regards.
  • Dennis Veldman 12/02/2006 2:19

    thank you for your comment Tudor!
  • Quan Chi 19/11/2005 0:29

    HE HE He .. si eu credeam ca sint singurul pe aici :)

    si sa spun adevarul nici nu credeam ca sint camere de sistem eos in rominia :) aici se intilneste europa si toata lumea :)
  • Dennis Veldman 08/11/2005 23:49

    hey Tudor, thanks for your compliment!!

  • Jeremy B 27/09/2005 22:43

    Thanks for checking out my work, and I like the boldness of yours. Looking forward to seeing more.
  • Jeremy B 27/09/2005 22:42

    Thanks for checking out my work, and I like the boldness of yours. Looking forward to seeing more.
  • Radu Cristian Zaharia 23/09/2005 23:22

    Salut Tudor,
    Ma bucur tare mult sa stiu ca mai sunt si de-ai nostrii pe aici. Ai poze frumoase.Tine-o tot asa!!
    Salutari de la mal de mare.

    Hy Tudor,
    I'm glad to see that there are others from Romania here. You have cool pics. Keep up the good work.
    A warm hello from the seaside.
  • Eyad Barakat 22/09/2005 17:56

    hi tudor, thanks for your comment. you have nice pics. the b/w pics are my favorits.
  • When 14/09/2005 12:41

    Hi Tudor,
    Stopped by to see what was new with you. This picture is dedicated to everyone that has inspired me on FC. That includes you. Thanks.
  • Andrew Denissov 13/09/2005 15:49

    Thanks for your comment,Tudor
  • Yong Kim 16/07/2005 21:48

    hy ..
  • Danny W. Wilson 16/07/2005 4:36

    Thanks for your kind remarks :)

  • Michael Maytal 16/07/2005 0:24

    thanks for your comment , u caught my intention...great eyes ,great work!!
  • Maria Elena Roman 30/06/2005 22:41

    Hallo Tudor! Ca sa vezi ce mica-i lumea!

    Servus din G-Bosen!
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