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I am a retiree, a Chinese Singaporean. I welcome constructive comments on my photos posted here.

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  • naxoss 08/09/2022 9:34

    Hello, how are you doing? Thank you very much for appreciating my fotos. I like your fotos  much, they are very emotional, which I always admire. Kind regards from Germany, Apostolos. (A Greek German:)).
  • Kharmencita 17/05/2022 12:22

    Hi, Thank you very much for passing by in my Album of pictures and i thank you for appreciating some of them. I'm very happy about that :-) On the other hand, your Pictures of interests are adorable to see because i see the true faces and their facial, emotional expressions and also  walks of life about these People.  Have a nice Day!
  • Gelo Charro 12/05/2022 22:25

    Realmente, he de felicitarle por tan maravilloso trabajo!!!!
    Creo, que voy a disfrutar siguiéndole.
    Saludos cordiales
  • Pfriemer 28/04/2022 11:42

    Thank you for beeing you new photo friend, greetings from Bali Wolfgang
  • Aanand Jain 25/04/2022 13:11

    Thanks for your comments.
  • Hilmar Brunow 16/04/2022 10:54

    dreaming pictures
    wonderfull gallery

    lg hb
  • Robert L. Roux 03/04/2022 11:10

    my only constructive comment 
    is: i don't see enough of your great pictures -
    welcome to the old folks club ... ;-))
  • Silvana W. 07/05/2012 23:56

    Thank you very much ¡¡ :-))
    All the best
  • Silvana W. 03/05/2012 23:55

    Thank you very much for your comment ¡
    Best wishes
  • Maria Grazia Bacino 03/05/2012 16:21

    thank you very much......
    Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall
    Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall
    Maria Grazia Bacino

    look at my father's photo, there are many photos of China and Singapore.
  • † cathy Blatt 12/02/2012 11:20

    Thank you for your comment. yes the desert is very special and the play of light through the fog makes it very fascinating. Best regards,
    Play of Light
    Play of Light
    † cathy Blatt
  • Franco Cutroni 12/02/2012 8:38

    Thanks for your comment!
    Ciao, Franco

  • Franco Cutroni 29/01/2012 15:48

    Xie xie!!!
    Ciao Amico!

  • Franco Cutroni 19/01/2012 18:06

    Thank you!
    Your photos are very very beautiful!
    Ciao, Franco

  • † cathy Blatt 07/01/2012 20:40

    thank you so much,greetings,cathy
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