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Free Membre, Montpellier

A propos de moi

Nicolas POSTAL has always been attracted by exploring the World. As soon as it has been possible he started to travel back packing on his own, and experiment himself as an amateur-photographer through his various human and cultural experiences.

Making his own way, in 2006 he finally published a few articles in local newspapers of Niger and Burkina Faso about malnutrition in Africa, worked with an American correspondent of the AFP agency (Agence France Presse) and realized the communication review for ACF (Action Against Hunger) on malnutrition and food crisis in Niger.

In may 2007, he went as a freelance photographer in Kenya for 3 weeks where he realized reports on AIDS and TB when visiting a MSF centre (Médecins Sans Frontières). He also went for NRC (Norwegian Refugee Council) to Dadaab’s Refugee Camps. But the main part of his work during this trip was to establish a portrait of the Kenyan’ Slums.

October 2007 : still as a freelance photographer, Nicolas went 3 weeks to cover the DR Congo war for the EPA (European PressPhoto Agency). His work has been widely published in the international press and will be exhibited in september 2008 at the Visa OFF (International Festival of Photojournalism of Perpignan, FRANCE).

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  • posnic 09/10/2008 19:02

    BORN in november 1982
    NATIONALITY : French
    LANGUAGES : Spanish, English, German and basic Arabic
    PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE : ever go ahead of it
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