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Kombizz Kashani

Free Membre, Berkeley

Proud Henrietta

I met Henrietta at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France. She wore the medallions of her grand father. She told me her grand father did not die in the war. instead he killed himself graduately with so much smoking cigarettes after the war.
Henrietta made this gesture with her hand in order to show her solidarity with peace all around the world with new hope of elected new American president, Barack Obama.

Commentaire 12

  • Gardner Hamilton 11/05/2009 14:52

    nice press capture. why the sepia background?
  • Karlos Verzunza 24/03/2009 0:16

    Is Good pic...very nice....
  • Guglielmo Antonini 21/03/2009 23:44

    very good. Nice work. Ciao Guglielmo.
  • dolores coll 29/01/2009 17:10

    nice shtot.
  • bombamo Michèle 26/01/2009 17:37

    great portrait & info !!
  • Alessandro Della Casa 09/01/2009 22:57

    PRO for Henrietta and Barak....
  • Mathias Basten 06/01/2009 19:17

    Amazing composition.
  • --Opal-- 06/12/2008 18:51

    Tolle Bildidee, super gemacht!
    lg Opal
  • die Silvie 01/12/2008 21:35

    The wind blows from the back :-) Thats funny and loosen up this picture -in spite of the theme- a little bit.

    My grandfather also died from too much cigaretts after the war! But everyone said, he needed them. He began to smoke in the war, and can't stop after it :-(
    Every time, when i saw old pictures with my granddad, a cold shower runs over my skin and i hope, that the war in the world would stop immediately!

    from Silvie
  • mario gabbarin 01/12/2008 15:13

    bonne explication et bonne idea.
  • Alessandro Rovelli 20/11/2008 23:13

    Great Pic...great message my friend....Greetings!
  • Michael Pascal Malaihollo MIKO 17/11/2008 3:19

    Great smile and expression...
    Excellent portrait presentation..

    Greetings from Indonesia.,