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Tout le temps devant soi....

Tout le temps devant soi....

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Free Membre, Jerusalem

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  • Ephraim 25/07/2009 20:09

    Fantastic ! incredible !
    The world is very small !

    I would like to sell this picture.
    But to do this I have to get an authorization from the subject ... here your husband cousin !.
    Do you know how Could I get an authorization from he ?

    If you know his Email address it is possible to send her a autorisation document to approve.
    Could you help ?
  • Sonja Neuberg 25/07/2009 10:14

    As incredible as it may be, she, without any doubt, IS my husband's cousin. He recognized her.

    Best regards

  • Ephraim 24/07/2009 12:14

    Thanks for the comments.
    Sorry, I don't know the lady...
    Best regards,
  • Sonja Neuberg 24/07/2009 9:25

    WOW! You really caught a great moment. There can't be anything better than sitting in the sun with a good cup of coffee or, well, tea, enjoying a good book...
    Well done.
    And, by the way, this could be my husband's cousin. Do you know the lady by chance?

    Best regards