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Photography has been a long-lasting passion : from my early years in B&W, learning light exposure and focus with almost entirely manual cameras, then waiting for the image to reveal in the darkroom, to these exciting digital times where close to anything is becoming achievable.

Nature and architecture photography are definitely my fields of election, although I am also enjoying portrait and glamour photography.

I happily shoot Nikon, after having used Canon gear during many years...

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  • Pe-parazzo 26/09/2020 11:09

    Thanks for your praise.
  • regdul 10/11/2019 10:29

    Merci beaucoup... thanks...
    also for the commendation
    and the the favour to my pic
    Amitiès Ludger
  • regdul 21/10/2019 9:47

    Merci... Danke... thanks...
    for the comment to my
    Also for the commendation
    and the favour.
    You are showing creative
    and sensual pics in your
    portifolio. Compliment and
    kind regards!
  • Karena Lüber 19/01/2019 13:03

    Thank you for your comment! LG Karena
  • Graham Russell 15/01/2019 21:40

    Thank you for your comments they are much appreciated
  • alexander stefanatos 06/01/2019 18:33

    Thanks for your attention and kind comments. Enjoy a happy new year and keep showing your very interesting work to us...friendly
  • manuvosges 24/12/2018 14:29

    amts manu
  • bernadotte 23/12/2018 20:02

    bonjour pour la photo pat 2000 oui bien équilibrée et très belle  mais on sait pas ou regardé mes yeux reviennes toujours sur les nuages noir  ( c'est perso  )
  • Berthold Klammer 04/12/2018 16:57

    feel honored that you enjoy my photos, you should publish more... you have a good eye! regards Berthold
  • Charlotte EMSER-SCHAFERLEE 13/11/2018 8:41

    Vielen Dank für diese Nette Wôrter ûber meine Galerie - Ich werde auch  auf ihre Galerie da sein - Sie gefällt mir , und Ich finde sie sehr interessant  mit sehr schöne 
    Bildern - Bis dahin wünsche Ich iihen eine schöne Woche  voller Fotografie - Mit meine sehr freundliche Grüsse   Charlotte
  • RolliAC 10/11/2018 1:07

    Danke fürs Lob, LG Rolf
    Blaue Stunde in Budapest
    Blaue Stunde in Budapest
  • manuvosges 20/10/2018 19:58

    Triste de ne plus admirer vos clichés 
    Amts manu
  • Berthold Klammer 13/06/2018 21:45

    Thanks for your kind comments, I feel very honored! regards Berthold
  • olti81 01/06/2018 0:00

    Thanks for your attention and comments.
  • Milos Villaris 25/04/2018 21:44

    last autumn
    last autumn
    Milos Villaris
    Thank you Prisma-photo, It was lovely day.


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Nikon D850
Tamron 24-70 f/2.8
Nikon 70-200 f/4 & 80-400 f/4.5-5.6
Zeiss 21 f/2.8, Sigma 35 f/1.4
Nikon 85 f/1.8