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Free Account, St. Petersburg, Gatchina

A propos de moi


Commentaire 120

  • Silvana W. 06/01/2015 0:02

    Silvana W.

  • grinse.katze 13/07/2014 21:06

    Ist zwar schon etwas länger her, aber ich war schon
    so lange nicht hier: Vielen lieben Dank für deinen Besuch
    auf meiner Seite und den damit verbundenen Profileintrag.
    Freue mich sehr darüber :)
  • Bonne Mort 19/05/2014 20:54

    Thank´s for your comments! Am glad that you like some of my Pics!
    And I know it´s hard to find some meaning in the pictures... more than just "pretty" done.
    Best regards Patrick S.
    (will keep an Eye youuuuuu..... you´re pic´s i mean ;-) )
  • Tania Skaradek 16/05/2014 13:54

    A lot of thanks, my friend:-)
    Best regards and good weekend
  • berutti 13/05/2014 21:11

    Thank you very much for your remark. I am glad about it. Bernhard (berutti).
  • E. Kullrich 08/05/2014 16:00

    chapeau bas - barbara:
  • Ernst Lipps 08/05/2014 6:13

    Hi, Ygar!
    ;-), Coralejo
  • MacKloneck 07/05/2014 23:24

    Hey, hey Igar,
    Greetings from Olimp
  • rocco di ciommo 07/05/2014 21:05

    grazie Ygar, ciao
  • BaslerFotoArt 30/04/2014 9:25

    Hi Ygar Thank you very much for your comments, best wishes Daniel
  • fabrizio bertini 27/04/2014 20:28

    1000 grazie
    ciao fabrizio
    pieve di romena
    pieve di romena
    fabrizio bertini
  • fabrizio bertini 27/04/2014 20:23

    1000 grazie
    ciao fabrizio
    la damigella
    la damigella
    fabrizio bertini
  • MacKloneck 27/04/2014 17:20

    Hey Ygar,
    thanks for Your double visit, and comments.
    P.s. Compare TEMPLERKIRCHE with the Space Shuttle's picture :-)
  • Ernst Lipps 27/04/2014 13:28

    Best Choice: Self-Explorations.
    And the Power of Colors.
    Thanks /Ygar/; Coralejo
  • Ernst Lipps 22/04/2014 19:47

    I was impressed like a naiv man by the 'Pracht' of St. Petersburg. I shall never forget.
    Therefore, I always look, what Ygar transports of magic ;-))
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