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Adele Oliver

Community Manager, Lotusland, Canada

October 30, 2014

when I was remembering images of clocks to post for the weekly theme in FC.fr, I remembered this picture ... it is a perpetual calendar, situated on the side of the campanile of the Messina cathedral and a part of the astronomical clock which was constructed by the Ungerer Company of Strasbourg in 1933.
The outer ring of the calendar rotates annually to indicate the day and month. Moving panels on the ring indicate moveable feasts. A marble angel points an arrow to indicate the day. The year is shown numerically in an aperture.The mechanism was designed by Frédéric Klinghammer, parts of the design are similar to the Strasbourg astronomical clock.
the date on the calendar is one day after the digital date on my camera for this picture (due to the 9 hour time difference in Vancouver)

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