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"Immortalize Life"

Hello and welcome to my little photo gallery. I come back to photography, after several years of absence, and after having started at the time of film photography, the good old days when you loaded your Canon or Nikon with Ilford or Fuji, see Kodak and that we stampeded with impatience when we went to get our developed photos from the local photographer… and hello disillusion when we noticed that most of the shots were bad or downright missed….
Today, progress in photo equipment, especially with digital, makes the practice of photography more affordable and more encouraging, we have the result instantly, we can correct immediately, and the definitions of the photos are sublime. It motivates you to leave in all weathers, the four seasons, and to come back to contemplate your creation on your computer screen, then on the Beamer or television, alone or with your family. The photo, this scene of life taken instantly, the movement, the action that becomes a memory the next second: a pole vault, a smile, the flight of a bird, a sunset... a kind of visual poetry to nourish our dreams and charm our senses.
Hablo español, parlo italiano, je parle français.

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Nikon D7100
Nikon Z6
Nikon NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/4 S
Nikon AF-S 18-200mm DX 3.5-5.6G ED VRII
Nikon Speedlight SB-910
Nikon Speedlight SB-500