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A propos de moi

My name is Alexandre Bordereau, and I can be found on the web with the pseudonym aRe-y0u-iN as an artist name. I am 22, French and I am self taught, I have never taken any courses in photography or graphic design. But I have studied computer science at the University, just programming, not design. I started taking photos 4 years ago on a whim, starting with my cell phone, then buying my first SLR leaving me more freedom to do the editing after the picture has been taken. My main motivation is to see if I can recreate in terms of an image what I could think or imagine.Usually I focus on the originality of a photograph, that is why I rarely do a series on the same subject. I try to ensure that people have not a sense of deja vu. In my project, Oh my head I highlighted the feelings that everyone can feel at one point in their life, while removing the head of the portrait. I try to show that it is possible to express a feeling without facial expressions. I use often sad feelings for my creations, but also humor. When I do a creation for this project my starting image which is in my head never ends as we see the screen, sometimes my idea is too complex to be carried out and I have not yet enough good techniques. I must still improve myself, I still have much to learn. In terms of my other pictures I like to play with colors, framing, and depth of field. My main tools for creations are Photoshop CS4 and Photoshop Lightroom 3, I always use these 2 software packages. For my photographic equipment, I use a Canon EOS 450D with a 18-55mm and a 50mm f1.8. Nothing really exceptional. For the future, I will continue my Oh my head project, I am full of ideas, there are a lot of feelings I have not explored yet. I will do my best to take more beautiful photographs. I hope one day I will do an exhibition.

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