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Free Membre

A propos de moi

iNa* - french speaking with Swiss, German and Italian roots -
I'm living in Wellington (Aotearoa) since May 2008:

I love taking pictures. It allows me to capture the essence of objects and moments and add some immortality to them. Many scenes may appear normal in our daily life and we tend to ignore them.
I enjoy traveling and discovering other cultures and their customs, am an outdoorsy person and the idea of being able leave a trace of eternity through my photography gives me the ultimate kick.
My camera is my baby and my constant companion.

Nice to be is this fotocommunity :)

En bref, j'aime prendre des photos et marquer les instants. Mettre en évidence ce que l'on voit tous les jours sans que l'on s'en rende compte.

Merci pour tout commentaire...

Commentaire 3

  • Manel Sánchez 26/01/2010 9:06

    Muchas gracias por tu comentario
  • Shantichris 21/10/2009 0:28

    Hallo Klaus,

    Sorry for that, i'll do better next time.
  • KlausBo 20/10/2009 11:18

    Hello and welcome to the fotocommunity. You show some nice pictures - it is a pity that they are so small!
    Best regards, Klaus
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