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Gabrielle Photo Story
My moments captured like never before.

All the pictures in my gallery are my personal property.
Without a written permission it is not allowed to use, reproduce or forward these to third parties.

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  • alexander stefanatos 29/05/2016 15:46

    Gabrielle, your photos from the Romanian countryside are superbes!
  • alexander stefanatos 04/07/2015 21:20

    My dear Gabrielle,It's my greatest pleasure to accept your friendship and I feel very much honoured as it comes from a very good photographer. Sorry for not answering your letter immediately but situation is a bit "tight"in Greece presently . I hope everything will be back to normal soon and I shall again be in the right mood to deal with photography and be in touch with all my good friends everywhere..Thanks again
    friendly regards
  • Randyderzweite 04/07/2015 18:37

    Hi Gabrielle,
    sorry I can't write a comment to each of your photos, so I write here ;)
    You're showing a wonderful documentation of the - hopefully not too soon disapearing - side of your lovely country and the romanian people. It's mostly a rural life we don't now any more here in Germany. It's somewhat nostalgic, please keep on with this documentation!!
    (And the pictures are getting better more and more ;)
    but please leave this signature, imho it harms your pictures ...)
    Best Regards
  • Glenn Capers 28/06/2015 21:11

    A true statement and all unique by you. :)
  • Mauro Tomassetti 06/04/2015 22:43

    Welcome to FC international and i hope that you enjoy here!
    Mauro Tomassetti
    FC International Team!
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