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I like photography and I am shoting the last 20 years.I am not professional but I am in passion with the photography.

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  • Batya4charity 09/02/2019 16:25

    I'm Ananda Batya from Indonesia but live in the united kingdom.
    I have something
    important to discussed with you
    write me back at email we will talk better there ok.

    My Email:(ananda4charity@gmail.com)
  • Marina Tomasi 12/02/2016 17:47

    Marina Tomasi

  • Rudolf Shaw 27/01/2016 12:20

    Hello, new friends, I am Rudolf
  • olti81 25/01/2016 15:14

    Appreciate your visits.
    Regards. Olti.
  • Milos Villaris 22/01/2016 21:03

    Thank you for visiting my gallery. You are right this mushroom looks little bit sci fi, however it is very tasty. :-)

    BR Milos
  • Peter H. Braun 18/01/2016 23:25

    Thank you for the Visite and your comment!
    Best regards
  • Michela Scrivanti 06/01/2016 17:27

    Grazie!!!! Ciao
  • DIMITRIOS TSAKIRIS 05/01/2016 23:03

    Thank you very much for visiting and nice comments...
    Warm regards, DIMITRIOS
  • Lucia Durante 05/01/2016 10:39

    Moderno e antico
    Moderno e antico
    Lucia Durante

    Than you George.
  • DIMITRIOS TSAKIRIS 03/01/2016 19:46

    Thanks for your comments...Welcome to FC and have a happy and enjoyable New Year.
    Xeretismata, DIMITRIOS
  • Adele D. Oliver 31/12/2015 19:20

    greetings, and welcome to our international Fotocommunity .... I wish you a great time here - enjoyment in posting your images, new friends, new ideas - and always great light !!!!
    greetings from Vancouver, Canada
    Nature Channel Manager
    in your Admin Team
  • Mauro Tomassetti 30/12/2015 17:06

    Hello Pitsavasg
    and welcome to FC Com!

    You will soon appreciate how useful and enjoyable it is when you share your pictures and impressions.
    To start your activities, I suggest you leaving comments under other users pics and interact with them. Your opinions are very important!
    Your first friends, as well as new inspirations, are awaiting you.

    Good light from
    Mauro Tomassetti
    Admin Team
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