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Photography has always been my passion & hobby since I was young. My photographic subjects are quite variable depending on my photo gear but for the time being, my interests are street portraits, night shots & sunset. Thank you for visiting my photo albums & your kind response.
GREETINGS from Kuala Lumpur.

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  • Feuerweide 15/07/2024 9:36

    Lieben Dank, für dein Lob. Deine Galerie  ist sehr bemerkenswert.
    ....und immer gut Licht für Dich.
  • Peter Schädler 24/06/2024 13:15

    Wundervolle Porträts, die du hier zeigst!
    VG, Peter
  • Andres Krebs 11/06/2024 19:56

    Danke für das Lob von 2 meiner Bilder, hat mich sehr gefreut.
    Unglaublich deine Porträts.
    Sonnenuntergang im Klöntal
    Sonnenuntergang im Klöntal
    Andres Krebs
  • Peter Smiarowski 05/06/2024 23:27

    Unvergleichlich tolle Porträts hast du in deinem Archiv.
  • Alfredo. 02/06/2024 14:59

    Nel deserto
    Nel deserto

    Thank you so much for your kind appreciation! All your portraits are beautiful! Compliments!
    Best regards
  • Udo Straßmann 30/05/2024 19:45

    Very well photographed portraits of impressive people.
  • sawsengee 24/05/2024 11:34

    Hello Ssky, all the portraits I took In India are street capture of strangers and not in studios. I do not use photoshop but I use Photobrush by Mediachance to darken the blackground and correct some uneven lighting exposures on the image.
  • Antonio Cantabrana 24/05/2024 11:01

    Intensa galería, Felicidades y agradecido por tu apoyo.
  • Ssky 24/05/2024 9:41

    Hi, portraits looking great. Did you do your portraits in a studio or are they modified with software like photoshop?
  • olligrafie 21/05/2024 9:31

    Du zeigst uns hier ein wunderbares Portfolio, sehr beeindruckend +++++
  • Galerie blickART 20/05/2024 16:29

    Vielen Dank für Dein Lob und den Besuch in meiner Galerie. Gruß skei
  • sascha1907 20/05/2024 10:20

    Hallo Sawsengee,
    Sie haben eine sehr interessante Porträtserie. Es ist absolut atemberaubend. Es ist unmöglich, etwas hervorzuheben. Ich wünsche dir weiterhin kreativen Erfolg
  • laomao1956 18/05/2024 2:33

    Hi sawsengee?Thank you for your recommendation. I am browsing the photography website you recommended. I feel very good. Photography is my hobby and I hope to improve my photography skills through comments and guidance. But I can't speak English, relying on translation software to communicate with you, it seems very awkward, I hope you forgive me, thank you again, greetings to you, Wang
  • laomao1956 17/05/2024 4:56

    Hi, sawsengee. These are very rich portraits of your site, expressing different messages. Greetings to you, Wang
  • Roberto Parducci 16/05/2024 18:10

    Thank you very kindley bye  ciao
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