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Quoi de nouveau ?

Kombizz Kashani

Free Membre, Berkeley

He can't be . . .

He can't be relax with his peesh peeshi cat when you look at him !

Commentaire 8

  • virginiem 26/01/2009 18:33

    I love so much that pic....
  • Sarah D. Kiefer 16/03/2007 7:46

    oh, i love a good story! engages the imagination, very artfully done...
    sarah k
  • Donna Richens 11/03/2007 17:03

    Wonderful feel to this!
  • Pierre Schell 14/02/2007 9:47

    Nice photo ; ho is it ? Egypt ?
    Pierre Schell
  • Christiane Wüllner 09/01/2007 9:50

    Fine foto. I cannot be shure by my selve if that is an old or a new picture? Regards Christiane
  • Antonio Degas 08/01/2007 13:36

    Impressionistic Photography. I like it !!

  • Alexandra Baltog 08/01/2007 12:00

    interesting shot, but do you have the accept from his parents? ;-)
  • DRAGA PUC 08/01/2007 10:40

    and who is he....