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Kombizz Kashani

Free Membre, Berkeley

Saffron Flower

SAFFRON is the name given to the three dried red colored stigmas and part of the white style to which they are attached of crocus.
Sativus Linnaeus, flowers just once a year.

The main characteristics of saffron are:

Saffron is a valuable spice with origins in the Zagros Mountains area in iran.

Saffron is the world’s most expensive spice because of its unique properties and because of all the labor that goes into producing it (more than 170,000 flowers make just one kilogram).

Now, You know that why saffron is very expensice.

Commentaire 11

  • Sergio Caregnato 19/05/2010 19:54

    Ho visto le tue foto, sono tutte bellissime. Questa è magnifica. Ciao SERGIO
  • Gianmaria Giordanengo 09/04/2009 13:40

    Molto bello...good flower
    Ciao Kombizz

  • leverdesoleil 26/01/2009 22:28

    Very nice picture!!
    I love it!
  • Roberto Ragghianti 07/10/2008 15:01

    molto bella e limpidissima.
    Grazie per il tuo commento.

    p.s.: fai delle foto meravigliose.
  • Marcus Nasshan 24/09/2008 8:49

    great - i have never seen before a saffron plant...

    much greetings
  • Abdul Halim Ab Rahman 14/12/2007 15:41

    Nice photo, what camera???

    Abdul Halim.
  • paolo brigo 30/11/2007 19:08

    Model Red
    Model Red
    paolo brigo
  • Luigi Boeris 20/09/2007 12:01

    Good flower. In Italy in Milano we cook a plate with rice and zaafran very good!!
  • Maria Simona Monti 18/09/2007 17:58

    Thanks for your answer!!!!
  • Kombizz Kashani 15/09/2007 19:24

    @ Maria Simona Monti
    The main reason that Zaafran is too expensive is because it is very time consuming and laborious to pick up those red female organs from the tiny flowers with clips !
    Imagine how many of them should be pick up in order to get 100 grams!?
  • Maria Simona Monti 14/09/2007 14:47

    I like zaafran very much,in cooking, and it is a beautiful flower too! I think, but I'm not so much sure, that its edible part is the red one! .....or the yellow......!!!????
    Tell me , please!!!