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Sawtooth Inclusion

This is a sawtooth like pattern in an synthetic ruby, typical for hydrothermal manmade corundum.
Quite difficult to get this one. Especially with this 3D aspect, due to my microscope field of view limitation.
Magnification 40X +camera zoom, blue filter, darkfield and light-painting techniques (5 sources) have been used.

Commentaire 2

  • Edouard Monges 21/05/2008 3:57

    Thanks for the comment, i would like to say that no pics are modified, else than the one's i said it have been ( contrast and dead pixels) .
    Best way to understand the things, is to try to understand how it works; and it can be so boundless...some or most of the time.
  • doktada didelas 20/05/2008 10:05

    Incredible color and texture. I immediately thought it looked like mineral clouds near the center of the earth. Purple magma dreams crystallizing in an eerie glow.