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  • I Strawfish I 23/12/2009 17:32

    Fröhliche Weihnachten!
  • nobill 21/08/2008 10:00

    hallo Peter
    Beautyful photos, very match colors - EDEN ??
    greetings from Poland
  • stellina7 09/08/2007 20:21

    Szia Peter!
    A nevedböl és a "nick"-edböl itélve gondoltam, hogy magyar vagy! Ramélem érted amit irok! :-) Véletlenül jutottam ide, mert képek után keresgéltem a neten. Gyönyörüek a Strand-képeid, legszivesebben már pakolnék is és mennék oda, hogy élöben megnézzem! :-) További sikeres fotózást! T.
  • Antonio Degas 23/02/2007 23:38

    Thank you very very much for all your comments dear Peter. I like it so much !!
    Emotions in Motion
    Emotions in Motion
    Antonio Degas

    Best regards and....Greetings from the Netherlands,

  • Daniel Gordon ( William Price ) 21/02/2007 13:48

    Great photos
    your landscapes are breathtaking
    thank you for sharing
    All the best
  • Michael Henderson 13/02/2007 15:36

    Thanks very much for viewing and comment on my foto. I appreciate it very much.
    Mystic Falls
    Mystic Falls
    Michael Henderson

  • Michael Henderson 05/02/2007 22:41

    Thanks Peter for your comments, always a pleasure to hear from you.
    Foggy Honduran Morning.
    Foggy Honduran Morning.
    Michael Henderson

  • Lubos Vanek 29/01/2007 17:13

    Thank you for stopping on my picture(s), Getting Worse, it is true, that "my" landscape is more hilly then Seyechelles - wonderful pictures nice natural still-lifes with stones and clouds - these on your pictures are dream of every photographer. Nice work. And how about Island - to could for living there or taking shots? It is also picturesque landscape, isn't it? Thanks for greetings from such exotic place. Lubos.
  • Olivier Vanbiervliet 28/01/2007 9:49

    Hi Peter, thank you for your nice comments on my photo! Kind regards, Olivier.
    Into The Sun #2
    Into The Sun #2
    Olivier Vanbiervliet
  • Alfred Spectrum 18/01/2007 4:19

    Hello Peter; I was just browsing the few members that are on at this time of the day and am so glad you were one of them. I'll come back to see more of your spectacular photo's.
  • Robert L. Roux 27/12/2006 6:57

    season's greetings
    from your friend in the north ...
  • Piroska Baetz 23/12/2006 17:22

    Szia kedves Péter,

    kívánok Neked nagyon Kellemes Ünnepeket és
    sikerekben Gazdag Boldog Új Évet
    sok szeretettel, piri

    Ein Frohe gesegnete Weihnachten...
    Ein Frohe gesegnete Weihnachten...
    Piroska Baetz

  • Adrienn Kotroczó 23/12/2006 13:58

    Hi Peter!
    I would like to wish you a mery christmas, and a happier new year.
    Your photos are still amazing!!!
  • Csaba Masznyik 22/12/2006 19:08

    Hi pirate of the islands!
    I moored my small boat here... for some time.

    Nice to meet You here.
  • Janos Paska 12/12/2006 20:55

    ügyes péter, üde és frisch élö és mozgó, ravasz a kis kalóz, klassz!!! gyönyörü környezet, gyönyörü fotok, igy tovább üdv jani
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